About the Innkeeper, Wendy Dion

Wendy owns and runs a retreat center that reflects her values. The Yoga Lodge is beautiful, simple, clean, balanced. It's a wonderful place for small retreats and workshops. The wooded setting on Whidbey Island is an additional bonus." ~ J.S.



I first learned about The Yoga Lodge in 2003. I was living in Connecticut, working as a Rehabilitation Counselor and teaching at my yoga studio, YogaPuram, in downtown Hartford. I was drawn to the Pacific Northwest, the community on Whidbey Island, and the energy of the land at the lodge. It offers a sanctuary to deepen my personal practice and is a special venue to share the heart-based practices of yoga, ayurveda, and meditation with others.

The place itself is simple and understated to support sadhana or practice; to inspire clarity, vision, and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. I believe our practice must expand outwards through our unique expressions of self, voice and service (SEVA) to support social justice, healthy relationships, and thriving communities.


Maggie, resident yoga dog and greeter

Maggie is an eighteen lbs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was a gift to the lodge in May, 2005. She is the official greeter and yogi exemplar, as she can be found curled up with quiet mind on her cushion in the yoga space during each class. Maggie's sweet disposition endears her to all, particularly if one is willing to play her favorite game, pinecone fetch. She is well mannered, terrific with children and naturally fits into the quiet environment of The Yoga Lodge.