About Our Classes

"Wendy Dion unites all of the finest traits as a yoga instructor. She is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and articulate. She models balance, humor, and serenity. Most importantly, she takes excellent care of her students" ~ J.S.

double_dog.jpg We offer yoga as a wisdom practice, a transformational process, not only for your body but in the way you are. We practice moving the body mindfully through the forms or asanas to activate energy and bring ease to the flow of energy.

This process of moving into stillness can enhance our experience of well-being. On a deeper level, yoga can enhance our ability to be with what "is", expand our awareness of our differences AND our unity ~ our biological connection to nature and the the web of life, and offer pathways for personal and global healing.

Classes are open to all regardless of race, religion or financial means.

What People are Saying

"The Yoga Lodge is a peaceful yoga retreat offering expert teaching in a warm community which welcomes all levels of practitioners. I’ve been attending classes here for three years, and each teacher has been top notch. I especially appreciate class with Steve Marshall; I feel complete confidence in his training and expertise to provide the most effective healing practice for me with my history of back injury. After decades of chronic pain, now with regular yoga practice, I am pain free without any medications. If a flair up occurs, I know exactly what to do to restore my wellbeing. I am amazed at the body's ability to heal and improve under the right care."
Barbara B.

"My wife and I have taken classes at The Yoga Lodge since we moved to Greenbank/Whidbey Island 10 years ago. The lodge is a warm & welcoming place. All instructors are par excellence. As a student of yoga for 30 years, I can say, unequivocally, that The Yoga Lodge is THE "ultimate" yoga studio, a crown jewel!"
Wayne F.

"I am grateful each time I enter the beautiful and restorative setting for my yoga session with Kate. In Kate I have finally found a teacher who truly meets my needs for maintaining strength, flexibility and balance...and this for someone over 70! Kate truly cares about our well-being and clearly loves being a teacher. I leave each session feeling renewed and standing taller."
Penny B.

"The teachers are well-educated and highly experienced in yoga and rehabilitation. I was recently able to return to yoga after several years of debilitating back and knee issues. After my second knee replacement surgery, I have been using the chair class to get going again; however, I get so much out of the chair class, I’ve stayed. I have attended all the available classes and I will say that I find the same care and attention from each teacher. I highly recommend The Yoga Lodge for yoga classes."
Kathleen D.

Preparing for Class

  • Dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely; avoid sweats and heavy shirts.
  • Avoid eating 2 hours before class unless a specific condition prevents this.
  • As a courtesy, arrive 5-10 minutes early so that class can begin on time.
  • Remove shoes and socks.
  • In consideration of others, no perfume or cologne.
  • The studio is equipped with mats and props. Students are encouraged to bring their own mats.
  • Be sure to turn off you cell phone during class sessions.