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Contact The Yoga Lodge to schedule your retreat before submitting this form.

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The Yoga Lodge provides retreat leaders with a single web page as a courtesy. The information that you submit here will be used exactly as is. Please make sure that you have proof-read your submission especially spelling, dates and times.

The Yoga Lodge web site is updated weekly, information provided is usually available online within 5 to 7 business days. We will contact you via email when your information is online.

The more detail that you provide, the better it is for people wanting to attend your retreat. For examples take a look at any of the retreats listed under Retreats & Workshops.

Please be sure that you provide clear directions for how to register for your retreat, whether it is in a provided PDF form or a link to your own web site.

If you have additional question or needs please email Gail LaForest.

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It can take a while to upload a photo and/or a retreat registration form. There is no indication that anything is happening but it is! Rest assured that your info is heading up into the cloud and that we will get it. Please do not tap the Submit button more than once, trust us, doing that will not help and will only make things go slower.